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Massage Therapy Services

Personalized Massage
An intuitive massage suited to your needs. 
60 Minute Session $95
75 Minute Session $120
90 Minute Session $140
120 Minute Session $190
Hot Stone Massage
A personalized massage enhanced with hot river stones, helps muscles to relax and soothes the nervous system. 
75 Minute Session $135
90 Minute Session $155
Pre-Natal Massage
A massage session suited for the needs of the expectant mother at various stages of pregnancy. Side-lying position can be used or specialty pregnancy bolster with tummy and breast cut-outs allow for the welcome opportunity to lie face down!
75 Minute Session $120


- New location has Elevator Access (to 2nd floor), let me know if you have difficulty with stairs so I can be of assistance upon your arrival. 

- I am mindful to avoid synthetic fragrances but please let me know if you have any Allergy Concerns or Fragrance Sensitivities

- Breast Tenderness/Breastfeeding/Post OP (Support Bolster Available)

Hot Stone Massage

Skin Care

Brazilian Wax $59

Removal of unwanted hair using a high quality wax that is uniquely formulated without pine rosin, perfumes, coloring agents, or preservatives.  It is wonderful for the most sensitive of skin.  Wax is applied at a lower temperature and has a soft, elastic texture resulting in a more gentle pull.  


Facials and Body Treatments

Customized Facial
Experience skin rejuvination with the use of clean and all natural skin care.  A customized facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), treatment mask, face massage, serum/moisturizer, hand and foot massage.  
60 Minute $95
75 Minute $110


Back Treatment
Pamper the skin on your hard-to-reach back.  Includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, treatment mask, back massage, and moisturizer.
60 Minute $95

Spa Towels with Flower
Salts Massage
Essential Oils
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