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About me

My name is Tiana and I have been a Certified Massage Therapist since 2006.  I take my profession very seriously as  I genuinely enjoy helping people. Having the opportunity to put my heart into my work is what keeps my efforts fulfilling and my enthusiasm intact. 

I am also trained as an Esthetician (2012, Cinta Aveda Institute) and offer all natural facials with product purity in mind. 

I have trained in Eastern and Western modalities, extensive Kinesiology, and energy work allowing me to integrate modalities for an intuitive and personalized treatment.  My style of body work is Intentional, Nurturing, and Healing.  I take reverence for the vulnerability and trust my clients bestow onto me.  I create a sacred space by being fully present, energetically aware, and armed with healing intention.


I encourage communication of expectations and preferences so I can best support you.  I also encourage an open mind to allow me to implement my healing intentions, to be present, and to focus on deep mindful breathing.  It is very beneficial to avoid conversation during treatment (even though I would quite like to chit chat, my concentration and your chance to get the most out of your massage session is most important).  Punctuality is key to allow yourself time to unwind and be calm before your session begins, arriving 5-10 minutes early is very much encouraged as well.  I want my clients to get the very most out of each session.

I like to think of myself as a vessel used to remind you of your body-mind connection and to help you feel like yourself again.  To reconnect you and mindfulness, you and the source of energy, to a sense of ease.  I look forward to getting the chance to show you first hand what I mean!​

Image by Christin Hume

My Philosophy

My goal is to communicate with your body and your essence.  Our body systems endure and adapt amazingly well.  Tension, Emotional Blockages, Soreness, Lethargy, Repetitive Movements, Unbalanced Exercise, Congested Lymph, Accumulated Toxins, and Allergies all change the flow and function of your well being.  The urge to protect ourselves by resisting true rest could leave our bodies crying out for help.  We all need a hand in letting go of the things that are heavy.  I wish to be a safe healing respite to encourage mindfulness, and your body's own miraculous healing capabilities.  Furthermore encouraging to always treat your body with tender loving care in all aspects.

I believe our body is our temple and that  we are capable vitality and longevity.  For optimal energy, we need to move our bodies and eat a lot of nutritious unprocessed foods.   Scheduling a monthly massage boosts your fitness goals by being used as a motivating reward for your efforts.  Increasing blood flow accelerates healing, as well as soothing soreness, and enhancing muscle tone.  A health promoting self-perpetuating cycle!  

I am passionate about healing, health and wellness.  I know from experience that the path to wellness requires self awareness and loving encouragement.  Self-care, self-love, and enriching your life with inner work, we can change the world.  

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